Handmade Wooden Climbing Toys for Children: Maebelle Climbers

Climb to New Heights with Maebelle Climbers' Handcrafted Wooden Toys

Climbing a mountain? Maybe not just yet, but with Maebelle Climbers, your little adventurers can embark on thrilling climbing escapades right at home! This family-owned gem, nestled in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, has crafted a world where children can explore, grow, and have fun. Founded in 2020 by Anneliese and Jason Tebedo, Maebelle Climbers specializes in handmade wooden climbing toys like pikler triangles, arches, and cubes.

Sustainable Growth and Adventure

Why climb the walls when you can climb a pikler triangle? Crafted with 100% sustainable wood, these toys are not just eco-friendly but also designed to promote children's physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth. From gripping ropes to scaling nets, every accessory is meticulously crafted to be safe and stimulating for children of all ages.

A Family's Passion Turned into a Mission

The Tebedos' love for children's development and the great outdoors gave birth to Maebelle Climbers. Each toy, backed by a satisfaction guarantee, is more than a piece of wood – it's a vehicle for adventure and exploration. Plus, free shipping on orders over $50 ensures that these exciting toys can reach every household.

Connecting with Nature, One Climb at a Time

In a digital world, Maebelle Climbers offers a natural retreat. Climbing isn't just an activity; it's a way to bond, learn, and connect with nature. Don't just take our word for it; the customer testimonials on their well-designed website are proof of a thriving community of satisfied parents and gleeful climbers.


Ready to add some adventure to your child's playtime? Check out Maebelle Climbers and let the explorations begin. Where creativity meets quality, and fun meets growth, these wooden climbing toys are more than playthings; they're stepping stones to a world of endless possibilities.

Visit Maebelle Climbers and make playtime an adventure today!